Am I the only narry shipper who’s afraid to think that narry may end up being like larry? I’m saying this because of the shippers, not because of Niall and Harry. I don’t want us to start doing crazy plots, start looking for evidence where there is nothing, start sending hate messages to other…

Nah, don’t think so. Plus neither of them as a (public) girlfriend that shippers can send hate to, and they are different people and Niall would react in different way than Louis would. It’s all good.

Harry & Niall at Jay’s wedding - 7/20


Harry and Niall - 07/20/14

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Harry just wants to kiss him… I really want that to happen too Harry.. I want you to kiss him.. Just say fuck it and kiss him on stage!!!



harry’s hand on niall’s thigh | 8/07/2014 | barcelona